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Target by June 14, 2020 : US Dollars 25,000
Collected as of June 16   : US Dollars   11,524

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About this fundraiser:

This fund raiser program is for supporting the people with disability / different ability and the artists who lost their daily income due to shelter-in-place during COVID-19 lock-down period.

Phone: +1-510-364-8675 or +1-408-307-8913 (Call / Text / WhatsApp)

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Community Partners

We welcome community partners to support this event and get mutually benefited. For-profit organizations / corporate entities are not eligible for community partner for this event. As a community partner, you will promote the event in your social media channels, website, newsletters, etc. and In return, we will promote the community partner by displaying the logo in flyer, website and announce in the vote of thanks. 

Community Partner
Community Partner
Community Partner
Community Partner
Community Partner
Community Partner
Thinnai Foundation

Indian Organizations

The following organizations in India have agreed to work with ATR.  IndiaTeam and ATR will monitor the execution of this project meticulously to ensure the beneficiaries are getting their benefits.

  • Muthu Empower Trust – for people in Coimbatore and Tirupur
  • New Life Service Senter – for people Krishnagiri, Sivagangai and Ramanathapuram.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why this fund raiser?
American Tamil Radio (ATR) received requests for helping the people who got impacted by the lock down situation caused by “COVID-19”.
One of those requests came from the group of people from Coimbatore, who are with disability / different ability. That is when the ATR team decided to organize this fundraiser in order to help these people.

Will all the artists participate in the program as advertised?
All the performers in our advertisement have agreed to participate in this fundraiser as of now. In case, any artist unable to participate in the program due to their personal situation we will update this page and communicate to our best level.

Will my donation be eligible for tax benefit?
We will provide receipts for donations of 100 US dollars or more that you can use for tax benefit. Due to logistical reasons, we will not provide receipt for amount less than 100 US dollars.

Can I get refund, if I change my mind?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund the amount. Rest assured, all the money collected will be used for helping the people.

Why there are many “Folk Singers” in this program?
As you know, all the “folk artists” who perform at festivities and celebrations have lost their income since no festival or celebrations happen due to COVID-19 situation. We need to help these folk singers as well during this tough situation. That is the reason we have many folk singers in this program. The fund collected will be distributed to the people with disability / different ability, and the performers.

How can I watch this entertainment program?
This program is being conducted Online LIVE by ATR. The program will be broadcast using streaming technology on various platforms including YouTube and Facebook. You need to have internet connection to watch this program in these online platforms like YouTube and Facebook. ATR  YouTube channel link is

Who are the beneficiaries of this fund raiser program?
The fund will be distributed to only 2 sets of people. The primary beneficiaries being the people with disability / different ability in India and the secondary beneficiary being the artists performing in this program.

How will the fund be distributed to the people?
For the primary beneficiaries, the funds will not be distributed as cash value. Instead, materials that will support their day-to-day life will be provided. For the secondary beneficiaries, the funds will be distributed as materials and/or cash.

What is the duration of the program?
Approximately 4 hours. Program will begin at
6 PM Pacific Time (California Time, June 13 SAT)
9 PM Eastern Time (New York Time, June 13 SAT)
6:30 AM India / Srilanka Time (June 14 SUN)
9 AM Malaysia Time (June 14 SUN)
11 AM Australia (ACT) Time (June 14 SUN)

Who is American Tamil Radio (ATR)? Can I trust ATR?
American Tamil Radio (ATR) is a streaming radio over the internet, head-quartered in San Francisco bay area, California for 3.5 years. ATR is an initiative from American Tamil Media (ATM), a non-profit organization registered in the state of California. ATM is NOT a private or for-profit or commercial organization. Passionate professionals with Tamil background mainly from the IT industry have come together and running this organization. ATM/ATR is run by volunteers. Taking Tamil to next generation is our goal. Bringing Tamil awareness programs is our priority. You can trust ATM/ATR for getting your hard earned donations reach the beneficiaries.

Who is India Team?
India Team is the execution partner of this fundraiser program working with ATM/ATR. India Team will handle the execution aspect of this projects and assure the benefits reach the beneficiaries.
India Team is a 20 year old non-profit organization that has 501(c)3 – Tax Exemption status from the IRS. Team has completed thousands of projects to uplift the society in India. Most of the projects are including developing government school infrastructure and village / urban development. India Team believes in bringing education to everyone by helping the government schools.


Volunteering opportunity

How can I help in this event?
For volunteering to this program, please send email to with your area of interest/expertise.

At this time, we need help with
Testing the event streaming,
Technical operations of LIVE streaming,
Monitoring LIVE streaming on event day,
Writing an article about the event,
Writing introduction about the artists,
Making short videos about the artists,
Promoting the program through social media,
Connecting with community Partners,
Connecting with Sponsors,
Making promo clips and materials, and more


If you have any questions, please email