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Cloud Infra Intro:08.08.2020-08:20 PT


Session / LinkDescription
Cloud Infra IntroIntroduction to General Cloud Infrastructure
AWS Cloud IntroAmazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud introduction
AWS IAMAWS Identity and Access Manager (IAM)
AWS S3AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)
AWS ComputeAWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
AWS DatabaseAWS Databases (RDS, NoSQL)
AWS VPC OverviewAWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Overview
AWS VPC WalkthroughAWS VPC Walkthrough
AWS DNS, Route 53 IntroAWS Domain Name Service and Route 53
AWS ELB, ASGAWS Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Group
AWS KMSAWS Key Management Service (KMS)